Simple Points to consider while buying a Pen drive

                Flash drives or most commonly called USB drives are becoming an integral part of our life. We use it to store our data and make a transfer from one device to another device by this pen drives. One could find more products in the market. Every Individual has confusion in selecting a perfect one. This article may help you in selecting an appropriate one for your use.

Flash drive

Primary Use 

            Make sure the purpose of buying a pen drive. It may be of personal use or even you may gift it to your friends, colleagues, or even a special person. So keeping that in mind prefer the product so that you can be aware of which brand to buy rather than picking a random one.



            When you buy a pen drive it is important that how compact it is. Normally a classic pen drive will be of 2 inches but now some of the pen drives have even reduced sizes. It should be small so that it could be fitted within our packets or made to hang in our key chains. It should not be so small so that we could lose sight of it. If it comes with a cap then it is well and good as it protects the USB connector. Make sure you do not lose the cap. 


Pen drive

Storage Memory

         The first pen drive was made by IBM and its memory was about 8 MB but now it has grown enormously to Terra bytes. So select the pen drive based on your use if you need to transfer only documents then smaller memory is enough but when you want to transfer pictures or high definition movies then larger memory is preferred. 

        Pen drives come in different variants of 2 GB,4 GB,8 GB,16 GB,32 GB,64 GB,128 GB,256 GB,1 TB,2 TB etc. Also, make sure that your device can read the pen drive. Always buy a more storage pen drive than you think of buying. 



        This is also a point to be considered while buying a pen drive. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives are available in the market. The only difference in them is the transfer speed. 2.0 pen drive has a transfer rate of 60 MB while 3.0 pen drive has 640 MB  which is 10 times faster. But when it comes to cost  3.0 pen drives are costlier. 

        One more point to add 3.0 pen drives are not compatible for all devices when it is plugged to the incompatible device it behaves as a 2.0 drive. More the merrier So buying a 3.0 pen drive may help you at most times. 



            Here comes the deciding factor. Because the pen drive you must not be the waste of your money. As a normal person, everyone will go for the cheapest one but remember cheap is not the best. 

         But a little higher price will possess good quality, long-lasting, and worthy. So compare the prices of different pen drives at different online platforms and chose the best one.



            The pen drive you buy must have a warranty. If not of accidental damage, Incase of technical fault we can replace it with the new one. Branded companies always give you a good warranty and service. So make sure you have warranty service for your product



        As there is a threat to data security it becomes the responsibility of the individual to secure their own data. Business and classified information while stored in pen drives, there will be a high risk of data theft. Then it is recommended to see pen drives with more encryption features. 



        Many pen drive companies offer a variety in look and style and additional features like certain pen drives come with both USB connector and Micro USB or C for multipurpose use. 

        And some with attractive looks and some in bands that we wear in hands and many more. Pen drives may be either metallic or plastic made. Take this also into consideration.

Variety of pendrives

You can select an apt pen drive for your use from the above points. Hope this article helps you. Best wishes with your purchase.

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