Smartphone Cameras - An Overall view

Pixel size

        When new smartphones are announced these days, the camera quality  and specs are usually in the front line. The quality of the camera is the main selling point of smartphones these days. Studies show that smartphone photography is more popular than internet browsingchatting, and gaming. Briefly, you need knowledge about smartphone cameras before you have to choose them. In this article, we are going to see an overall view of smartphone cameras and necessary components you need to know before you choose them.

 There are 3 main things you need to know about smartphone cameras, They are: 

1.     Megapixel count

2.     Sensor

3.     Focal Length

Megapixel count : 

        This is the one area which most are familiar with and the area mostly falls into marketing and spec sheets. That's because it's easy to understand and more simple : The larger the megapixels the more the detail and more the life-like images are formed.

        Having high megapixel is well and good, but it doesn't necessarily mean the camera performance is going to be top-notch, The camera hardware also depends on external factors like image processing and quality of the lens. For For example, The DXO camera mark of OnePlus smartphones released last year packing powerful 48MP cameras is lower compared the latest iPhones released this year containing 12MP cameras.


        Sensor size is one of the important factor just like other factors like Megapixel count, focal length and crop factor. There's one simple thing to understand : The larger the sensor, the more the light to fall on equating to a greater ability to gather light.

        The sensor's size is specified as a fractional number in inches (e.g., 1/2.3",1/3.06"), which may appear to be sensor measurements but is not. Instead, it refers to a sort of sensor having a one-third smaller diagonal size.

Focal Length:

The distance between the lens and the sensor, which influences the field of view and magnification, is known as focal length. Most of the smartphones camera lenses have a focal length of around 26mm. If it is an ultra-wide lens , it has a focal length of around 13mm. If it is a zoom lens or what people call it a "Telephoto lens" has a focal length of around 52mm. The quality of the picture remains the same with the magnification of the image only changes.


Focal length

Conclusion :

 The selection criteria of the camera mainly rely on these topics discussed above. Since it is an overall view of the smartphone cameras, we'll also be posting a detailed view of smartphone cameras in the future. We have planned to update much more quality content on these topics in the future.


Hope this article helps.



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