Why Apple charging cables don't last very long

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Most people who have owned an iPhone have had concerns with the charging cable's durability, such as splitting or fraying, which means the cable isn't likely to operate reliably. However, this issue isn't unique to the iPhone. It has affected a number of Apple products, including iPods and MacBooks.

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Why are Apple cables so prone to breaking?

The power cables that came with Apple gadgets weren't always so delicate. In fact, it wasn't until 2006 that we started hearing about cables failing after only a few months of use.

Apple's design team has the final say on product decisions, and they thought earlier cords were unsightly. As a result, they aim to replace them with a thinner, seamless plastic sleeve that will give the cable a more streamlined appearance.

They already Know This!!!

Apple's engineers were aware that the cable would have a higher failure rate, but the adjustment was made anyway. The power cords of the iPod, MacBook, and, later, iPhone were all devoid of the normal ribbed strain relief. Customer concerns regarding fraying and breaking spiked in 2007 and have continued to this day.

Steve Job's initiative:

In 2007, there was likely a second contributing cause that weakened Apple's power cables even further, as a result of Steve Jobs' "A Greener Apple" environmental initiative, in which they began removing dangerous or hazardous chemicals from their devices. PVC, a plastic vinyl substance often used in power cables to make them more robust and durable, was one of them.

When PVC (kinda plastic) was phased out of Apple's devices, it was also phased out of their cables, which were replaced with thin rubberized sleeves that were far easier to bend and break. When the sleeker but weaker strain relief design was combined with the smaller and softer rubber sleeve, the result was the most fragile cable design ever seen in the computer industry.

This was a major issue for users, as Apple's accessories were frequently more expensive than competitors. As a result, upgrading cables has become a costly and annoying component of owning Apple gadgets. This problem hasn't been resolved yet.

What is the solution?

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However, there are clues that Apple is working on a solution. For items like the HomePodand iMac, they've already released more durable woven fabric cables. They also constructed a lightning cable using the same fabric material for the first time.

Although it's now only accessible when you buy an iMac, Apple may start selling it separately in the near future.

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