Vehicle Theft prevention system

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Here the overall working model of the theft prevention system is discussed..

vehicle theft prevention

Our lifestyle in the 21-st century is highly dynamic. It is possible due to advancements in various fields; one among them is transportation systems. Both public and personal (private) transportation systems help in mobilizing people and goods to different parts of the world at greater speed.

People in developing and populous nations like India, Brazil, and Indonesia highly prefer and depend on personal (private) transportations systems like two-wheelers vehicles and (personal) cars for their transportation. 

Even in such countries people highly prefer two-wheelers because of their lower cost and better fuel economy when compared to other kinds of vehicles. It is estimated that almost 58% of the world's motorcycles are in the Asia Pacific, Eastern, and Southern Asian countries. Among all other countries, India shares a significant marketplace in global motorcycle sales.

Focused on Two-wheelers:

 With the increasing use of motorcycles in developing nations like India, crimes like two-wheelers theft are also increasing. It is reported that two-wheelers theft is the least solved crime in India. Such theft cases are highly reported in urban areas when compared to rural parts of the country. People in populous cities find it difficult to find parking spaces for their two-wheeler vehicles. 

They usually park their vehicle in the roadside spaces available behind their residential areas. This makes their vehicles vulnerable to theft. As most of the two-wheeler vehicles don’t have any systems to prevent theft and track the vehicles, lots of such theft crimes are left unsolved. 

At the same time, there are only very few systems that could prevent such theft crimes; but the majority of them lack certain additional features (like multi-way authentication) which account for their limitations in most situations. It is highly important to prevent such crimes because it accounts for huge economic losses.

Hence, it is highly important to design a technological solution that can help us in preventing such crimes and getting back the vehicles.

The objective of the proposed system is :

❖ To design and develop a system that can be used to enhance the security of two-wheelers vehicles.

❖ The system should be designed with an authentication mechanism to determine legitimate users.

❖ The system to be built with a dual authentication method - a method that supports short-range authentication and a method that supports long-range authentication.

❖ The system to be designed to allow vehicle ignition based on the password provided by the user.

❖ To incorporate location tracking features in the system which enable us to locate the vehicle’s geographical location.

❖ The system is to be designed with a virtual fence mechanism – Dynamic Geo-Fencing to implement the vehicle security dynamically.


Block Diagram of the Anti-theft System

Image: Block Diagram of the Anti-theft System

The Security and tracking system consists of a Microcontroller unit that is involved in data processing (password validation), sending commands to GSM Module to send SMS, and sending actuating signals to relay circuits. The system includes Bluetooth and GSM Modules for data transmission and a GPS module for getting the real-time location of the vehicle.

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