Things you need to know on WhatsApp privacy policy update

Things you need to know on WhatsApp privacy policy update:

WhatsApp privacy

            On Saturday, May 15 2021, WhatsApp's latest privacy policy will take effect. After receiving harsh criticism from privacy activists, the instant messaging app extended the deadline for accepting the revised privacy policy to May 15 earlier this year. With the deadline approaching, WhatsApp has clarified what will happen to users who continue to refuse to follow the privacy policy.

            The Facebook-owned chat app published an official blog post outlining the changes that users will face in the future if they do not support the privacy policy.

            WhatsApp has announced that users will be able to use the instant messaging application until the 15th of May, as previously stated. The company stated that the privacy policy update would not affect anyone's ability to use the app. However, the application's services can be minimal.

            Users will be reminded to approve the updated privacy policy by the Facebook-owned app. According to WhatsApp, the reminders people get will gradually become permanent after a few weeks.

            Users would have minimal functionality on WhatsApp until they approve the updates until they start getting a persistent alert. WhatsApp says, however, that this would not affect all users at the same time.

            Users will be unable to view their chat history, but they will be able to respond to incoming phone and video calls. If the user has alerts turned on, they can tap them to read or respond to messages, or to return a missed phone or video call.

            After a few weeks, the user will no longer be able to accept incoming calls or updates, and WhatsApp will cease to deliver messages and calls to their phone.

            On Android or iPhone, the user would be able to export their chat history and download an account summary. If they refuse to approve the update, WhatsApp will not uninstall their account.

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