Microsoft Teams now allows you to make free video calls for personal use

    Microsoft has released a personal version of the famous Teams app for use among friends and families, which includes unlimited free video calling during the day. Users of the Teams personal edition will also be able to hold video calls with up to 300 people that will last up to 24 hours.

After the pandemic, Microsoft will "eventually impose limits of 60 minutes for community calls of up to 100 people, but keep 24 hours for 1:1 calls," according to The Verge. Microsoft previewed the personal edition of Teams on iOS and Android devices nearly a year ago.

The personal service works in a similar way to Microsoft Teams for companies, allowing users to quickly talk, video call, and exchange schedules, places, and data. Microsoft Teams for personal use is also available on the internet, on mobile devices, and on desktop computers.

According to the article, Microsoft is also allowing Teams personal users to activate the Together mode. Microsoft, on the other hand, has yet to announce plans to replace Skype with Teams for customers.

Microsoft Teams - Logo
Image: Microsoft Teams (Logo)

Microsoft Teams now has 145 million daily active users worldwide, almost double the amount a year earlier, thanks to online work and learning despite the ongoing pandemic, according to the company's CEO Satya Nadella.

The number of organisations of more than 1,000 users using Teams to integrate third-party and line-of-business applications has nearly tripled year over year.

Over the last year, the organisation has introduced more than 300 new features to Teams, including more than 100 new capabilities so far in 2021.

Anyone can be seen, heard, and engage in a new inclusive meeting environment for hybrid work that includes custom gallery views, whether they are at home, in a meeting space, at an office, or on a factory floor.

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