Elon Musk - Bitcoin Scam

• A Bitcoin scam cost a British teacher €9000

• Bitcoins trade value dropped after a tweet from Elon musk


                    Bitcoin-one of the very popular cryptocurrencies has maintained its popularity among investors because of its high success rates. As its growth continues on one side it also opened up a new Path for the scammers to loot the investor's money.

            Here is another story of an investor who lost her savings in a scam Julie Bushnell is a British teacher who had savings of around €9000 for the down-payment of her house. One day while surfing through the internet she saw a BBC website, where it’s quoted “Tesla buys $1.5billion in bitcoin and it’s planning to give away $750million of it” and believing this that she can double her investment, without any further research she invested her savings in a fake scheme.

        Only after that, she came to know that someone conned her and even the website she believed to be true is not even the original BBC website.

        Research by crypto transactions tracker WHALE ALERT says that the bitcoin scammers had made more than $18million worldwide and counted more than 5600 victims so far. Elon musk being a supporter of cryptocurrency, turned against bitcoin, Musk confirmed last week that Tesla would not allow payment in bitcoin. Which triggered a 17% slide in the bitcoin's value. Then the Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself took part in some arguments regarding bitcoin mining.

The bitcoin’s value fell to $45000 after his tweet saying that Tesla might have dumped its Bitcoin holdings.

The Real-life TONY STARK seems to have a slew of fanboy investors.

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