An another AirPods killer?

Next gen echobuds

    Amazon launched its next-generation echo buds recently. With some couple of newly added

Features, they still managed to deliver it under the 10k mark. Let’s see what’s this next-gen

Echo buds have come up with...


Airpod in ears

                They haven’t improved the listening time yet as it’s still around 5hrs out Of the box. You can also increase the listening time by disabling the noticed cancellation. 

        The charging case can last for 15hrs after it’s fully charged. Its also said to last for 2hrs after 15 minutes of quick charge. They have also introduced wireless charging in one of their models.


                  This is the most important feature in an earphone and Amazon claims that their second-gen Echo buds deliver much better noise cancellation than the previous gen. Their improvements are mostly concentrated on the lower frequency noises. 

        But we have spotted dozens of customers complaining that “the echo buds 2’s noise cancellation is not up to the mark”.  To give a verdict we need to wait for the hands-on review from some top tech reviewers.


              They come up with a 5.7mm size driver which we can’t expect more from wireless earphones. Surprisingly they seem to deliver decent bass and treble. Also, they seem to perform good while we listen to some audiobooks and podcasts. We have read dozens of customer reviews and they all seem to enjoy the audio quality.

High performance airpods


                  The case is 40% smaller than the previous one

                  Now feature a vented design to cut down the ear pressure

                  IPX4 water and Sweat resistant

                  They lack multi-point Bluetooth pairing

                  Alexa voice commands have improved

Music feature in airpods

So, Are they better than the Airpods? 

         Price, price, price echo buds 2 have been priced around ₹9000(low model) and ₹10500(top model)  at this price, Echo buds 2 are a good steal when compared to the AirPods.

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