The Real Wireless Charging

    Have you ever wondered how fortunate it would be if our phone could be charged wirelessly when playing sports, scrolling through Instagram, or watching your favorite celebrity live while on a low phone battery? Yes, it is now possible. Xiaomi, the world's largest electronics company, has discovered a new technology that will be a blessing to most smartphone users in the near future.

Smartphone Charging

Xiaomi is a company known for producing innovative products at a low cost. They are dabbling in any known type of electronics, inventing a number of them. They rose to prominence with their low-cost cell phones, and now they manufacture computers, smartwatches, power banks, smart televisions, trimmers, electric bulbs, and a variety of other items. 

They've now entered a new life-changing mechanism known as MI Air Charging, which may be a smart home platform in the future.

MI ushers in a new era of wireless charging with this ground-breaking breakthrough. While wireless charging has been possible for over a decade, it is merely a marketing ploy because the consumer must always hold the phone near the charging plate to charge it, despite the absence of wires in previous models. Now, Redmi has launched a system known as true wireless charging, which allows you to keep your phone anywhere you want it to charge. 

According to Redmi, the mechanism is that we should mount a miniature antenna array in the room that contains various beacons and receiving antennae that sends the signal necessary for charging and detecting the mobile's location. This would be possible because the phone has an antenna of its own and responds to it. As a result, the mobile's rectifier transforms electromagnetic waves into electricity, which is then sent to the battery. In this way, it facilitates the charging of multiple devices at the same time.

This air charging technology can now charge up to 5 Watts from a distance of just a few meters. This is significant at the demo level. The business, however, provided no further updates. As a result, the full information will only be revealed when the organization makes a formal announcement. When certain firms, such as Energeous, have only made announcements for over a decade. 

Redmi has now successfully demonstrated a theoretical concept that has the potential to become a viable future technology.

Smartphone  Charging

The existence of obstacles between the charger and the mobile does not affect the charging efficiency, according to the company. Owing to the existence of a 144-millimeter large antennae array, the antenna is capable of perfectly identifying the system without any delay. As a result, this could be the future of living spaces.

It is also anticipated that once this air charging technology is perfected for smartphones, it will be used to charge Smart LED lamps, Smart Watches, and a variety of other smart devices, making them truly smart and wire-free. 

Redmi is expected to release this product at a fair price in the near future. In their blog, they just discussed this. I hope you find this information helpful.


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