Modern world is transforming wireless like wireless chargers, wireless trimmers, and especially wireless earphones. Of the above, all wireless earphones are mostly used because of the easy compatibility and fewer space requirements we often get irritated by the disturbances caused by the wired earphones and sometimes we may drop the phone while taking earphones. 

        So everyone is now switching to wireless earphones. So it is essential to know about the key specifications while buying an earphone. At the end of this article, you will find all the necessary things to know about Truly wireless earphone.

Wireless Earphones


               Before getting deep into the other features, first, decide your budget. So that you could find the perfect earphones which you can afford. True wireless earphones are available from 4k – 40k of the price range.


             There are so many kinds of fits available for True wireless earphones. The one’s which could fit right into your ears like the Samsung buds and there are some earphones like AirPods which have a stem-like body which sticks out of the ear Some earphones come with rubber tips and others come with plastic tips. That’s your personal decision which one to go for. You can’t decide which fit is suitable for you by watching a review unless you try it on your own.

A person using a wireless earphone


            There are various factors that play an important role in sound quality. The larger the driver the better the bass. A driver in earphones is nothing but the unit which produces the sound. It consists of magnets, diaphragms, voice coils, and other components. An earphone's driver usually ranges from 8mm-15mm in diameter.

Wireless earphones

So, always go for the larger one. Better noise cancellation better the sound experience. Noise cancellation is, by the way, a costlier feature to add in an earphone. But it is available in most of the recently launched earphones.


           True wireless earphones AKA TWS are known for their gestures feature. Even though most of the earphones come with some basic gestures, only a few are allowing us to customize the gestures. Look for the ones with customizable gestures. Also, there are few earphones that can’t support the gestures when your hands are wet. If you are a person who wants to use the earphones while working out, you should choose an earphone with a better build quality.


           Latency is a common issue in most of the TWS. Even the wired earphones have a latency of around 7 milliseconds. But, we can’t notice that often. TWS has a latency of around 34-166 milliseconds. You would feel that it’s so annoying while you are watching videos and playing games. Earphones with Bluetooth 5 would have a very low latency rate. Look out for the ones which have blue-tooth 5 or more than that.


           Earphones with a playtime of more than 4 hours could be considered as having good battery life. The charging case should have at least around 15hrs of backup. A good earphone shouldn’t take more than 1.30 hrs to get fully charged.

Earphone charger


          The charging cases have a history of getting broken by falling from a lower height. Before buying check the built quality of the charging case. The earphones should have at least one year of warranty.

Company earphones


           If you are having an iPhone and some other Apple products buying an Airpods or Airpods pro would give you a great experience as the connectivity and user experience would be so good. Same applies for the Samsung ecosystem as it would be so easy for you to connect and switch between multiple devices


   Below 5k

·       Oppo W31

·       JBL C100 TWS

·       Noise Shots X5 pro

·       Oneplus Buds


  Below 15k

·       1MORE Stylish TWS

·       Anker sound core liberty air

·       Samsung galaxy buds+

·       RHA true connect 2

·       JABRA elite 75t

·       Apple Airpods


Below 30k

·       BOSE soundsport free TWS

·       Sony WF 1000 XM3

·       Airpods pro

·       Sennheiser  momentum true wireless



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