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Smart phone recycling


        Around 40% of people replace their smartphones every 12 months, while more than 30% of people replace it between 1-2 years and around 20% of them do it after 2 years of usage. So, only a few people are keeping their smartphones for more than 2-3 years. But, why are these people are being pushed to spend so much of their hard-earned money on a smartphone?

    When we analyze the mindset of Indian smartphone consumers, we could find all set of people right here. The ones who are so obsessed of upgrading their smartphones very often, the ones who get convinced that they are having an older piece of tech and the ones who really needed to upgrade a new phone because of their older phone getting broken or lost. 

    The second set of people are the most important and challenging set of consumers for smartphone brands.

Smart phone evolution

     The first and third sets of people are anyhow going to buy the phone. For many years the smartphone brands are convincing the consumers that their NEW model is better than their OLD one. 

But the question arises “Is it worth than before?”. These are the features in which the smartphone brands came up with minor upgrades in their new models.


        We can’t deny, that the mobile phone’s camera quality has been improved so much that they could even compete with the DSLR cameras. Features like depth sensors, ois, dis, macro and wide-angle lens are doing wonders in the smartphone cameras.

     People who bought a smartphone before 2018 wouldn’t have got these features and people who bought a flagship smartphone at the early 2018 would have got these features. Even though the smartphone brands have claimed that they have bought a better camera to the table each and every year, in most of the models the difference hasn't been that great.


        Couple of dozens of new processors have been introduced by the companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Exynos and MediaTek in the last couple of years but again you can’t notice that much of a difference.

     Like, if you own a snapdragon 835 chip embedded smartphone which was launched in 2017 and if you try out the phone with the latest 865+ chip you can’t notice any huge difference in the performance.


        The most satisfying feature which came during the last year was the high refresh rate displays, you could feel the buttery smooth displays with the 120hz refresh rate. Maybe this could be the feature which you can’t experience if you have a two-year-old smartphone. 

Other than that display pixel quality have been just, slightly increased in the last couple of years. So, that’s not a big deal.

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  • Wireless charging
  • Bezel less displays
  • Battery
  • RAM and ROM
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • Software etc., etc., and etc.,
  • You can’t see much of a difference in these categories in the last couple of years.


      The Smartphone manufacturers take numbers in hand. Most people rely on numbers rather than knowing their actual needs. 

    To be clear people are compelled to buy a phone with 6,8 or even 12 GB of RAM. But the effective use of these resources is still a big question. Even a person who only uses mobile for email and infotainment buys an 8 GB RAM which is useless.  Considering iPhone they tend to release mobiles with 3,4 GB even now but they are effective.

     And the next one to add is the camera. In most of the android phones despite the performance of original camera the AI is going to do the back end process of image editing. So it is irrelevant to mention the camera is 64 MP, 120 MP. 

    They are also making an illusion with storage too they advertise the mobile is with 64/128 GB. But a considerable space is occupied by the system software and inbuilt apps leaving only 80% of the memory for the user and a lot of caches is produced while using apps which further decrease the system memory.

    They also make us dumb with the battery specifications. Even if your phone contains of 6000 mAh the effective use of it ensured by the processor and algorithm in it. So it is not wise to think of a massive battery without knowing about the processor in it.

Using a Smart Phone


  The consumers are being clearly brainwashed by the smartphone manufacturers that they are using an older piece of tech. Some people even feel that they are using an inferior device and for some, it’s turning into prestige issues if they own a year or two years old device. 

    If your phone is working fine with some minor issues just feel happy about it and keep using it until it bothers you really bad. Unless don’t waste your hard-earned money on a smartphone, In which you can’t even feel the worth of spending that much of money.

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