Photoshop, The Crime Fighting Tool

     Photoshop is for content creators, editors and for image processing purposes. Yet, it has an unknown application in forensic science. I can feel you thinking that how an image editing software can help in finding and fighting crime. But the fact is that most of the law enforcement organizations use Photoshop to solve crime in various purposes


What they do?

        Finding clues from the processed image using Photoshop is an easy and efficient method. As all our day to day life is going digital, smartphone cameras and mounted CCTV are found in every corner of the city. 

    They often catch the culprit in the frame but sometimes the details are unclear. In such instances, Photoshop is the tool in the hand. The image that is used as evidence is sometimes broken, blurred, there will be lighting issues and detail we need will be too small to be seen and many more. And its also devastating to release the footage in media and wait for responses. So forensic scientists come up with an idea to easy their task and make it time efficient. 

    Since computers are very much efficient and they can develop any small details they get, so they found a place in crime investigation. Adobe has given its Photoshop free for law enforcement for fighting crime especially crimes involving children.


Photoshop, A dream tool

        Other than editing pictures, Photoshop has another face of digital image enhancement. They also used in forensic documentation, processing fingerprints with unclear backgrounds. As images are very important in solving crimes, Photoshop does a great help in detailing and enhancement. 

    As we can’t specify this is how Photoshop in solving a crime, as all crimes are different and the approach of Photoshop in each crime differs. It can be used a lot different in cases involving children. Sometimes it is used to reunite children that have been separated from the parents for a long time. 

    When the parents approach the cops and provide them with the photo of the child that went missing, the forensic analyst develops a Photoshop image of that present age. Sometimes they are accurate. Sometimes the children recognise the images different version of themselves and report to the cops.

Photoshop tools

    Sometimes fake photographs can be also found by using Photoshop. Its easy when we zoom up-to 300% - 500%. The pixels would have broken and its easy to know that it is edited using a editing software, who knows by Photoshop itself. 

    In addition to Photoshop other tools from Abode like Premiere, Audition and Acrobat is used to generate evidence and solve crimes.

Forensic Photoshop

     A book by Jim Hoerricks namely “Forensic Photoshop” is very helpful for the forensic people to gain knowledge. The persons who work on evidence is subjected to lots of pressure due to inadequate training and lack of experience. Most of the crime demands evidence in the courtroom and laboratories to find the guilty. Because a life depends on it.

     It will be a great guide and truly useful for the learners. It is all types of users and it can be used for people with any level of proficiency. The expert is valued by his choice of method to disclose the evidence.

Get to know

        Even a thing we think that has a narrow application has a wide range of applications and Photoshop is the perfect example of that. Its application in crime-solving may be minimal but it has a huge impact and reduces the time. Its editing tools are world-class that we would never dream of. So, if you like to learn Photoshop it’s a bit tedious process and once you get well versed, you might not get out of it.

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