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         If you are a high-end or midrange mobile user then you might have come across the word NFC either in your mobiles or while searching the specs of your phone. But most of us don’t use or don’t know how to use it. There is no fault in you the presence of Bluetooth, File Transfer apps and many more have made NFC go unseen. So, this article deals with NFC’s and what it is capable of.


So, what is NFC?

    Near Field Communication (NFC) are present in most of the high range and some midrange phones. They are used for file transfer, make payments, and can configure some phone settings.

    NFC can be said as upgraded version RFID tags. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. These are the ones used in toll payment, Mobile Payments like Google Pay, Phone pe, etc. But RFID tags are passive ones which mean they can only be used to read the data. Inventors used this method so that a device can send and transmit with just a tap of devices and the result is NFC. Unlike RFID, NFC is used to send and receive data by bringing the devices closer.


How Does it Work?

        NFCs work similarly to that of RFID. Both generate an electromagnetic spectrum of specific frequency which is unique for every device so it can lead to the specific function of the device. But in RFID one which is passive does not require any power supply it takes the power from the active component which tags with it by electromagnetic induction.

     This is similar to that of the principle of Induction chargers. In NFC, one of the components is active and the other component can be either active or passive which depends on the device. The active component is mostly consumer electronics.

    When two devices are brought near the inductor generates waves which connect with another device which makes it connected and uses the waves to transfer data from one device to other.

                               Sharing data using NFC

Whether your device contains NFC or not?

     It is mostly available in all high range android mobiles and not in all midrange mobiles. In some mobiles, it is printed on the back of the mobile. Present-day iPhones come with NFC tags in them.

 But mostly you can find it in your settings by clicking Settings à Connected devices à Connection preferences à “NFC” and “Android Beam” option.

If not, you can open your notification bar and find NFC is present or not.

Where are they used?

NFC has multiple uses. It is used for transferring data like photos, videos, contacts, files, webpages, YouTube links, Play store apps, etc. Though it is slow, it provides faster connectivity.

The next application is mobile payments by phone. It made life easier by quick scanning and faster money transfer between devices. Most commonly used payment apps like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple pay makes use of NFC.

Paying Bills using NFC

NFC tags are most commonly used now. They are passive elements and can be placed in your Mastercard, Mobiles, Notepads, etc and can made to perform certain tasks by tapping it. It takes energy from the device and performs the tasks. The tasks can be customizable by installing apps in the mobiles by which we can read/write the tasks and make it to perform.

NFC - Sonny Xperia

Modern-day NFC are used to share Wi-Fi with friends. We can enable it by just tapping phones and thus we can securely share our Mobile data without the risk of password theft.

Comparing other Data transfer platforms

 As already a data transferring option Bluetooth is present, nobody thinks of NFC as a primary data transfer tool. Comparing with Bluetooth, they offer faster connection but data transfer is slow when compared to Bluetooth.

Also, the working range of NFC is also very small but it is enough for the mobile users to transfer data. Their range is about 10 cm while Bluetooth can operate up to 10 meters. NFC consume less power for data transfer because of their short transmission range but it makes NFC better for passive tags which together make an efficient tool.

Though Bluetooth has its application on connecting to Speakers, headphones, NFC find their predominant usage in Money transfer but can be expected with better reception in the future.



If your laptop doesn’t have NFC then probably the next one, you’ll buy will have one. Because data transfer between laptops and mobiles is significantly increasing NFC can play a better role in transferring files with fast connection and better compatibility.

This is all about NFC from our side. 

Hope you found this article Interesting!!!!

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