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Electricity Transmission Lines
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Let’s decode your EB Bill

Let’s test how well you know about your home EB bill!

Do you remember, how much did you pay last time as your home electricity charges?

If yes, Good!

If no, well it’s ok!

Actually most of us don’t know how the charges for consumption of electricity are


How do they measure the quantity of electricity usage?

Well, if you don’t have any idea on that, it’s ok!

We'll now explore some basic things that I, you and almost everyone should be aware of

about electricity charges.

Having fundamental knowledge on electricity measurement and charging schemes (tariff

schemes) will help us to better understand electricity, our home and our daily usage of


Not only that, having the basic understanding on charging schemes (tariff schemes) will help us to stay away from cheating!

Units of Electricity:

        Basically Electricity refers to Electrical Energy. Some of us knew that the unit in which

energy is measured is “joule” (“J” in short).

But you may wonder as some of you have heard electricity consumption has been measured

at something like 100 units, 250 units...

Don’t get confused. It’s simple.

Electric energy is basically measured in “KiloWatt Hour” (“KWH” in short) which is equal to what we call “unit” while measuring electricity.

Let’s get cleared now with the help of some math.

1 J = 1 Ws

1 Ws = 1/3600 WH

1 J = 1/3600 WH

1 WH = 3600 J

1 KWH = 3600 * 1000 J

1 kiloWattHour (kWh) = 3.6 * (10^6) Joules = 1 unit

So, it is clear that 1 unit or 1 kWh of electricity is equal to 3.6 * 10^6 J of Electric energy.

It is convenient to measure electricity in “KWH” or “Units” instead of measuring it in “joules”.

Tariff Scheme:

Note: The following tariff scheme is for “Domestic Electricity Usage in TamilNadu”. Electricity tariff schemes will differ based on your geographical location.

        In TamilNadu, the tariff for Low Tension - Domestic category is being calculated in four different slabs. The billing(EB bill) period is two months (Bi-monthly).

TNEB Billing Tariff

TNEB Billing Tariff

Note: The above information is based on the state government’s (TamilNadu) order which is

referenced from 


        We hope you all find the above information useful and We believe it helped you understand the fundamentals of Electricity measurement and EB bill tariff system (particularly in the state of TamilNadu, India).

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