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        We depend on Google chrome for every information we need. Aren’t you bored using the same interface multiple times or Ever felt this feature would be better in google chrome? This article deals with the extensions on google chrome that would take your browsing experience to the next level.

A Diagram showing a Browser


         Browsing without ads would be nice. This extension removes all types of ads on popular sites including pop-ups and keeps your device safe from malware. This also keeps you browsing private. Imagine browsing without advertisements like banners, etc. It also unalters the website thus keeping your browsing not boring.

AdBlock Extension


         Ever feared making silly mistakes in your writings. Then this extension is a boon for you. Not only it checks spelling and grammar mistakes but also helps you to find the apt word to express yourself. It will check as soon as you write and provide as many suggestions within a short span of time.

        This can be used during writing blogs, emails, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. This may increase your fluency and confidence in yourself and creates good impressions on you to persons who see your work.


Infinity new tab

        When did you change your chrome wallpaper recently?  It is not surprising even Someone asks Is there a feature to change the wallpaper. This extension would make a new HD background for every tab you open and also even helpful by taking notes, it also notifies emails, makes a to-do list, manages your history, extensions and has cloud sync, and has 100+ beautiful icons to enhance your experience. It also makes a record of the websites you often visit and make quick access buttons. Bookmarking also made simple in this extension.

Customize Chrome New Tab


This is really a boon to all chrome users. Since we create thousands of accounts on hundreds of websites it is impossible for us to remember every single password. This often leads to a waste of time and sometimes even we fail to remember. So this extension helps us in managing it. It gets the inputs of the user for different websites.

 All we need to do is to remember our LastPass A password which then automatically fills the password and opens our account. We can also store our credit/debit card details in it which autofill and make our task easier. This also has a vault in which we can store PDFs, photos, and videos that we need to keep safe and easy to access. You can also edit, change and delete passwords whenever needed.


You may be felt uncomfortable while sharing a very long unrecognizable link to your friends, clients, etc. This extension sorts it out. It converts any big link into a short and recognizable link that can be shared with your friends. The best thing is that it does with a click. You can also create a domain in and can edit links in any manner u like and can be shared by messages, emails, etc.



Ever felt the pain of refilling the content or information for the nth time because of carelessness and lack of internet. This extension may help you with that. It makes note of the information you provided on that website. So there is nothing to fear while revisiting the website. Lazarus will make available all the contents that you have given on the website with just a click.



If you are an introvert and always locked in the computer and wandering through the internet then this extension might be helpful. This extension helps you to know about the time and the weather outside for about 5 days. So you might get a piece of knowledge on weather and might chill out a bit in the real world.



 If privacy is the one that matters most to you then this extension is worth a try. This helps to keep away malware, hackers, ads and makes the sites load faster. Many websites take the data while you browse on their websites.

 This extension allows us to disable the trackers on the website and secure our data. They also provide custom displays and also provide rewards for using their extension but that is purely optional that can be enabled or disabled by us.

Ghostery - Ad Blocker

Earth view

If you are obsessed with places or you are the one excited about places, cities, and scenery then this extension is excellent to use. This is my personal favorite in terms of usage. This extension is provided by Google Earth and it provides new wallpaper on every new tab which looks good and fascinating.


Earth View in Chrome New Tab

Black Menu

Black Menu is a small pop-up in the corner of the browser that allows quick access to all the google services. We can add the necessary services and we can also delete the unwanted services. These services include Gmail, Google translate, Google+, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and also keep track of your emails while you are busy browsing.


Black themed menu

How to Install those extensions

·       Go To CHROME.

·       Search For chrome store.

·       Then in the search bar type the extension you need.

·       Next Click ‘Add to chrome’ and the extension is now yours to use.

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