Water helps us UNLOCK A CAR


Unlock car with water

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Basics First! 

        A car key(Remote control) consists of two units namely circuit unit and a transmitting unit. The circuit unit generates about 310Hz(approx)Alternating Current and sends it to the Transmitting circuit when a Lock/Unlock key is pressed. 

      As a result of this action, a radio wave is generated and transmitted by the transmitting circuit.. these waves are then received by the car's receiver circuit and it responds accordingly (Lock/Unlock). 

      As the radiowaves (transmitting waves )generated by the Transmitting circuit is weak it can only be able to work (reach) in a range of 30-50m radius approximately, think of a scenario when your car is beyond that  distance, hence the radio waves cannot actually reach the car's receiving unit and make it respond.

What to do if you are beyond 50 meters?

    Here comes the rectification part, Let's dive deep!

     Actually most of the liquid has the tendency to reflect(amplify) waves and most likely water could do it much effectively, so that when the receiving circuit(which is in the car) is away from  the transmitting circuit (key), it is still possible to unlock your car but this method fails when your car is beyond certain meters (maybe >150-200m). 

   When waves  pass into the water the molecules in the water will oscillate in a certain frequency, when the oscillation of the molecules and the radio waves are in sync, the liquid(water) actually acts as a Transmitting tower (high range antenna) and transmit the amplified waves.

    Hence, for sure it  will widen the working range of the desired radio frequency, by this  method you can unlock your car even when you are away from the  actual (normal) operating range.


Car parking

    Consider this scenario...you are parking the car in a shopping mall and get confused where you have parked after finishing off your purchase, and you find it difficult to find your car as there are hundreds of cars are parked in the meantime of your shopping and the thing you can do is that lock/unlock with the help of the key(Remote Control) and where was your car parked with the help of its sound(beeps)...If you are a little far away from your car it's difficult. To find your car by the sound of lock/unlock "TRY out this simple way!!!" 

Here's another way! What to do if you have an empty bottle :

    Don't get worried, there is always a way...You can unlock it with the help of your brain. YES, you read it right! Our brain consists of "cerebrospinal fluid" which is present in the outer part of it, fortunately, the fluid consists of more water molecules..then what!! the amplification process takes place.

    But remember the quantity of water is remarkable here...ie water quantity is directly proportional to the range of required transmission. This means that the higher the quantity of water you use the higher the working range will be.

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