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Charging the phone
    Have you ever been in a situation when you packed everything for your trip except one - The charger? Because it is a thing that every one of the current generation needs every day especially if your smartphone is one of your best companions. So, in that case, what will be your plan to survive it. Yes of course there is no second option other than using your friend’s mobile charger.

Many doubts arise in you while charging on other device chargers. 

Is it good to charge on another charger?

The first thing that we need to understand is What most people call - a charger is not an actual charger.

    It is a power supply unit that supplies electric power to the device - in our case your smartphone. Note that even though the power supply unit is a crucial part of the charging system, it is not the charging system itself.

        The actual charging circuit is in your Smartphone. The Power supply unit only delivers (or in some cases ‘tries to deliver’) the power demanded by the charging circuit in your smartphone. It all depends on the charging circuit (load) and not the power supply unit (source).
    Ok. Now come to the questions - “Can I charge my smartphone with my friend’s charger?”, “Will doing so damage my Smartphone?”

        Well. Before that, you need to know your smartphone charging circuit’s specification/rating. You can find it easily either on manual or in some cases just by looking at your Smartphones default power supply unit.
Then have a look at your friend’s Power Supply Unit for Current and Voltage ratings.
Now. As long as your smartphone’s voltage requirements can be met by your friend’s power supply unit & the current rating of your smartphone’s the charging system is LESS THAN the current rating of your friend’s power supply unit, you are lucky enough to use that to charge your smartphone.
    But, What if the Power Supply Unit can’t supply the current demanded by your Smartphone’s Charging circuit? What if it only supplies current less than your need?
    Generally, in such scenarios, it is not advisable to use that power supply unit to charge your device, as it may damage the power supply unit OR your SmartPhone. As load (Smartphone battery(BMS)) demands more from source (Power Supply Unit) and source can’t afford it, resulting in heating of both the devices and may cause damage to them both. This causes explosion at times which could be dangerous.

    Generally, It is always advisable to use the Power Supply Unit that comes along with your devices. For any issues, visit the authorized stores or support centers nearby. In case of emergencies, you can charge with some other chargers but making it a habit is not good for your mobile battery.

iPhone's feature!

Optimised Battery charging in Iphone

One special mention while talking on chargers. Yes, iPhone comes up with an algorithm that tracks your charging routine (You can find the option to toggle it in the iPhone battery settings). If the pattern repeats then it charges up to 80% and the remaining percentage will charge according to the remaining hours until you wake up (Actually until you unplug). Interesting, Isn’t it?
We hope you found this content useful.

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