This quarantine days have unlocked gamer in ourselves. Every gamer especially mobile gamer after a while thinks of buying a mobile game controller that looks as much as a joystick in Xbox, Playstation, etc. 

        These controllers not only increase your gaming experience but also provides an increase in ping. There are many controllers available in the market. But this one – Razer Kishi provides a new generation gaming experience and may become the future of mobile controllers.

Mobile game controller

        Razer is a well-known company that makes gaming accessories like mouse, controllers, etc. Following its previous editions of Raiju, Jungle cat, Razer has come up with a Nintendo switch like gaming controller Kishi. This gaming controller fits with most of the latest mobiles that have USB C or Apple Lightning connector port. 

        The Kishi goes well with both Razer Phones, the Google Pixel 2 and newer, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and newer (excluding the S20 Ultra), and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and newer. Other phones are supported, though it’ll need to have Android 8 Oreo software, a center-aligned USB-C port. Kishi goes well with any iPhones which are released after iPhone 6S?

        On reviewing Kishi, it overcomes delay and connectivity issues as it is designed with C- port or Apple Lightning connector. It has an elastic back that holds the phone tightly. The body is well built, compact, plastic made, and gives a good comfort while holding.

     The keys are good, strong, and provide a satisfactory click. It contains a D-pad and an equivalent button and trigger layout to a traditional Xbox controller but varies in some aspects.


         For starters, it uses an elastic docking system. On top, it provides bumpers and triggers for ease of the user. The controller need not be charged as it draws power from the mobile and in case your mobile is drained it has a C port that directly charges the phone.

      Now let us deal with its pros and cons. Kishi goes well with streaming platforms like GeForce Now, Stadia, Project xCloud. The Kishi deals with the latency and disconnects problems well. Sometimes there is a lag due to stream but not with the controller. 


    The app is optional for controller use but using it enhances bug fixes and improved experience. Custom gaming layout can be made in Kishi for some games mainly for competitive games such as PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile. They are light weighted.

     On the other side, the controller entirely covers the mobile in which headphones cannot be connected. Bluetooth headphones may be recommended but audio latency may occur. Kishi with a headphone jack would have made a dream controller for gamers. Its price also becomes a drawback.


    The Razer gadgets most of them are overpriced and Kishi is not an exception. As it is plastic-made, it is not recommended for a short-tempered gamer as it may not withhold shock as much. It doesn’t fit well with some larger mobiles.


        Razer Kishi cannot be expected in India. Although it is cheaper than its precedent Jungle cat, it didn’t make its way to India. There are many cheap controllers available in the market. If you ask me whether to buy, I may suggest if you are rich and it's worth a try.

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