Facebook to test an Inbuilt Search Bar

          Social media plays a main role in our daily life. People judge their friends, colleagues, etc by their social media account. As they spend some of their time on social media, they have been fed with a lot of fake news and false information. 

        In addition to that people need to depend on chrome for their instant search about personalities, places, interests like movies they come across. To make this easier and reliable Facebook has been piloting a program that could make the user search the results in the Facebook app itself.

Facebook logo

                        It is said that a tile will be dedicated to the search results that will be available on the right column of the website. This will also show the Facebook, Instagram accounts related to the public figure you search.

                            As these search results mostly rely on Wikipedia, the information that user demands becomes limited. This new feature has its own flaw. It doesn’t recognize some titles like if you type in “Joker” the information turned up but the search “Parasite”, an Oscar-winning movie got failed. Meanwhile, a search for “Donald Trump” easily returned search results for the U.S. president, but information for many members of his cabinet did not come up when they when searched by their name. 

Even the search by the short names got failed.  

Inbuilt search bar of facebook

           This feature looks similar to Google’s Knowledge panel(gkp) but it escapes those problems. The search result only works in English. But on the brighter side is that Facebook must need a tool that crosses checks and provides results as like Wikipedia. As this is an initial step, we should believe that bugs will be rectified in the updated version.

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